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Knockin' a little dust off

Long time no see, friends! Haven't made much headway on the larger projects yet, unfortunately, but I figured I could at least put up some new fanart I've been forgetting to upload for ages. Check out the two new(ish) pics there, and, just so there's a little something in it for you, the Rayquaza piece is also available as wallpaper suitable for your smartphone! I need to do a bit of thinking about how I might want to make them more readily available going forward, but for now, here, have some links:

Normal Rayquaza on black: 720x1280 - 1080x1920
Shiny Rayquaza on white: 720x1280 - 1080x1920

A few small changes

A quick update to mention two things:

  • There was another backend software change, hahaha whoops. This should not have affected very much on your end, but a few tiny things may be different here and there, and there are still a few hopefully-unnoticeable bumps that need smoothing out. If anything's broken or weird, let me know.
  • Comments have been entirely disabled again for now, as almost nobody was using them and they're honestly more trouble than they're worth. If something comes up in the future that makes adding that feature back a worthwhile idea I'll consider it at that time. For now, if you need to reach me, you can use any of the methods on the contact page.

Since the traditional resolution post didn't go up on January 1st, I'll be posting it tomorrow instead, along with a few new drabbles. See you then!

Welcome to Altered Origin 4.0

...Is it 4.0? I'm pretty sure I've platform-hopped about three times since good ol' dcNET first hit the web, so yeah, 4.0. 3.0? But if I'm counting from dcNET and two of the platform-hops were under the old name, wouldn't that mean this is Altered Origin 2.0? Uh. Whatever!

Welcome to the new site! As I've mentioned before, this latest reincarnation was generally just to make things easier to manage and a little leaner and meaner. Out with the WordPress backend, in with a nice little static site generator. I'm sure that means nothing to most of you, so instead of continuing to talk about how nerds run their websites, let's have a quick tour of what's changed around here!

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