I recreated a little game called "robotfindskitten" for my final project in a Flash class (you can learn more about the original here). Shortly after deciding that rfk was the game I wanted to work with, I realized that with some slight modifications I could Pokémonify it and make it suitable for Altered Origin. Thus "porygonfindsskitty" was born, and hastily slapped up on the site for your misery and/or enjoyment. You will need Flash Player 9 or above to play the game; if your browser doesn't have that plugin, download it from Adobe.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is not supposed to be an action game or a platformer or a puzzle; it's more of a zen game. It is mind-numbingly simple and, in some cases, it is entirely possible for you to reach your objective in a matter of seconds. You don't play the game for a score, to show off or to otherwise accelerate your carpal tunnel syndrome; you play because you want a quick chuckle by reading a few of the descriptions of the non-skitty items, most of which are intended to be at least mildly amusing. (I guess you could brag about how many different non-skitty items you've found so far...?)

It is currently necessary to click on the game again after clicking porygon or skitty to start/restart the game; otherwise the game will not respond to your keypresses. I have no idea why this happens but will try to resolve it soon.

(If the game does not show up above, ensure that you have the appropriate version of the Flash player and then try clicking this link. If you still can't play it, contact me about it. In the future I plan to redo the game entirely in HTML and JavaScript; until that happens, I apologize for the inconvenience.)

Sincerest apologies to Leonard Richardson for the way I've mangled his game, as well as for the few "non-kitten items" I borrowed.

Submitting Additional Non-Skitty Items

I'm effectively finished with the actual design and programming of the game, barring any aesthetic tweaks I make to the code or any horrible bugs I may have missed. It is, however, extensible—I can easily add things to the list of possible non-skitty items, and as it happens I am open to suggestions for more.

  1. Non-skitty item suggestions should be funny or otherwise mildly interesting in some way. They should not be stupid enough to lower my IQ just by reading them. Random chatspeak, random words like "llama", excessive swearing for no reason at all (and I'd prefer that you avoided the stronger words) most non-Pokémon-related other comments that would probably be considered spam... be entertaining, not an idiot.
  2. I don't mind the occasional mild sex joke, but keep it around PG-13. The stuff I put on my website is supposed to at least attempt to be worksafe. They are also not all supposed to be sex jokes or similar, so it'd be kind of cool if you could get your mind out of the gutter every once in a while.
  3. Try to keep it Pokémon-related. Some of the non-skitty items in the game now are not Pokémon-related, but most of your suggestions should be.
  4. Do not suggest anything that is reasonably similar to a non-skitty item I already have; if you suggest something but you didn't know it was already there because you haven't seen it, that's fine, but... try not to. (Actually playing the game two or three times before attempting to suggest something is not a terrible idea.) For the record I already have at least one nsi for each of the following: Skitty on Wailord, mudkipz, Professor Oak, the cake is a lie, 300, Soviet Russia, what is underneath a Diglett, Palkia, Soup Nazi, Bidoof, Spanish Inquisition, doesn't afraid of anything. There are also several variations on "you found skitty! oh wait that's not skitty I lied", so try to stay away from those; you can try "you found <something that isn't skitty>!" if you can actually make it different enough from the ones that are already there. I'm asking for suggestions because I'm hoping you guys can be more original than I can.
  5. Items that do not rely heavily on tired internet memes are great, by the way.
  6. They should not be inordinately long; these are supposed to be short, sweet and simple, and I only have limited space to display them anyway. The longest one I currently have is around 257 characters; under 150 characters is generally better.

As long as your nsi suggestion satisfies the above, I've got no problem sticking it in the list; go ahead and shoot your idea my way. You're welcome to submit as many as you like, though I'd appreciate batch suggestions rather than a long series of one-liner emails.